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All of our products are produced and manufactured in the UK. No shipping delays!
All of our products are produced and manufactured in the UK. No shipping delays!

Sack Trucks

Sack trucks are otherwise known as sack barrows and are an integral part of many industrial and commercial settings. Their design is unique: an L-shaped ledge on two wheels with the ledge acting as a platform for the load. This enables the operator to tip the truck back and be able to effortlessly transport heavy sacks.

This is the traditional design of a heavy duty sack truck, but they can be designed in a variety of formats in order to be beneficial for all sorts of environments. Whether you’re looking for a sack truck that can climb stairs or one to transport white goods, there will be one for you. The sack truck is the real multipurpose MVP of the warehouse world, they can even be used as trolleys for beer barrels.

At Blue Trolley we design and manufacture warehouse solutions for some of the biggest retailers in the world. We work with clients in all industries from warehouses to sorting offices and factories. We enjoy creating each and every project and relish finding solutions for our customers' needs. We are based in South Wales and source all of our parts and materials right here in the UK. We have been working in this industry for decades, and this extensive experience makes us an ideal candidate for all your heavy duty sack barrow needs, whatever your budget.



What are the different types of Sack Trucks?

There are many different types of sacks, which means that sack trucks come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate. We create all types, here are just a few of the most common ones.

  • Folding Sack Trucks: Folding sack barrows are ideal for many settings from warehouses to factories and everything in between. They are designed so that the toe plate can give maximum support to the load, which allows users to confidently and safely transport goods again and again. The key part of a folding sack truck is that it’s collapsible, with the ability to fold the toe plate away, saving you precious space whilst not using the truck.
  • Stair Climbing Sack Truck: The stair climbing sack truck really sells itself. Sometimes you find yourselves in situations where there are no lifts or alternative routes and you need to take sacks up or down the stairs. This type of truck has castors especially designed to make stair climbing a breeze, even with a heavy load.


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Why buy from Blue Trolley?

Many other manufacturers buy their parts and materials from cheap suppliers overseas, but not Blue Trolley. We use only the finest quality materials from right here in the UK, meaning we can offer you, our valued customer, a fantastic price for your products. We use a variety of metals to make our sack trucks and other products, including aluminium and stainless steel to name a few.

At Blue Trolley we are a team of passionate experts, with decades of combined experience. We know that the quality of products really matters, which is why our product designs are consistently reviewed to ensure they adhere to strict industry regulations. Our team carries out meticulous quality inspections to make sure our materials conform to specifications. We also understand the importance of the end user experience, which is why we welcome feedback on our products so we can keep making them better and better.


What to expect when you order from BlueTrolley

We always listen to our customers to ensure we’re providing the best service possible. When you choose BlueTrolley for your manual handling needs, there are a number of things you can expect:

Incredible quality

Every one of our products only leaves the warehouse once we are completely satisfied with it. Our expert team has been honing their skills since 1995, so you are in safe hands when you choose us. We are well versed in the many techniques of sheet metal fabrication and work with all sorts of metals from steel to aluminium. We use only the finest quality materials sourced from the UK, so you can be sure each product you receive from us is of exceptional quality.

Exceeding your expectations

You want only the best for your staff and your business, and we want you to get the best for your money. Your team deserves incredible quality products that can help them do their jobs safely and efficiently. When you get in touch with us, we will take the time to get to know you and your business in order to recommend the most suitable products for you. We offer a huge range of products off the shelf, but if you’re looking for something a little more unique we also offer a boutique bespoke service through our partner company Rentalspec.


What other equipment does Blue Trolley offer?

We have spent decades creating excellent warehouse handling solutions, and sack trucks are just one of the many products in our portfolio.

  • Turntable Platform Trucks: Our turntable platform trucks are ideal for navigating around corners and tight spaces. Each one comes with anti-friction turntable steering for a smooth experience and is ideal for moving large or bulky items such as building equipment or boxes. Our turntable trucks come with a variety of wheel options including solid or puncture-proof, so you can choose the right ones for the type of ground you need to use it on.
  • Gas Cylinder Trolleys: Gas bottles need to be treated with care and transported safely. Investing in specific gas cylinder trolleys allows you to move these heavy items safely, reducing the risk of accidents. We create gas cylinder trolleys to accommodate bottles of all shapes and sizes. 
  • Office TrolleysNow you might not associate office life with heavy lifting, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Lots of items need transporting around office buildings including furniture, filing and computing equipment. Our office trolleys make light work of this heavy lifting.


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