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All of our products are produced and manufactured in the UK. No shipping delays!
All of our products are produced and manufactured in the UK. No shipping delays!

Moving Trolleys

A moving trolley provides the essential assistance you need when moving heavy furniture and household appliances. Whether you are a professional removals company needing a robust and capable heavy-duty moving trolley or a householder needing a trolley to move boxes, we have the trolleys that will get you moving; all in stock and available for rapid delivery.

If you've ever struggled to get heavy and awkward furniture in or out of a property you'll probably agree that the right trolley for moving furniture would have made the job much easier. Our selection of removal trolleys for any purpose has the strength, build quality and reliability to make the job of removals much easier for years to come.

BlueTrolley is a leading manufacturer and supplier of trolleys, trucks and cages used in industrial and commercial applications throughout the UK. As well as selling to the professionals, we welcome enquiries from homeowners wishing to buy a trolley to move heavy objects that is used and recommended by the professionals.

Based in the UK we’ve been manufacturing and marketing premium manual handling solutions since 1995. Dealing with us means that you are sourcing directly from the manufacturer and avoiding middleman markups. You get the best quality products at exceptional prices.


Furniture removal trolleys – removals made easier

With an extensive range of house moving trolleys on offer, let's take a look at some of our range that extends from budget options like the wooden dolly skate truck right through to stair climbing sack trucks


1. Flatbed Furniture Removal Trolleys

Our flatbed trolley features an open handle that can be removed to make loading bulky items that much easier. With a load capacity of 500kg and a choice of wheels and castors, this flatbed trolley has the tough 18mm plywood decking that will both support and transport your heavy items quickly and easily.

We also offer the flatbed trolley in a base-only version that has no handles, ends or sides. This gives you the unrestricted flexibility to fit larger loads and awkward shaped items. You use the items loaded onto the base to guide this version of the flatbed trolley much as you would with a skate dolly.


2. Sack Trucks

  • The P handle sack truck: Our stock of sack trucks includes the premium and professional specification P-handle sack truck. Larger than average, this furniture removal truck makes moving larger, taller and heavier items much easier. This is a sturdy trolley to move boxes often used by professional removal companies. And with large wheels and puncture-proof tyres, it breezes across rough or uneven surfaces.
  • The stair climbing sack truck: Sack trucks are great until it comes to climbing a set of stairs. Rather than struggle manually, our stair climbing sack truck is specially adapted with 2 sets of 3 wheels that rotate as you move up the stairs meaning that the weight of the load is supported at all times as you climb.
  • The multi-load sack truck: When you need a house moving trolley that gives you the ability to load multiple packages or larger items, this is the product you need. A top choice for removal companies, you get the robust construction, the solid rubber wheels and the manoeuvring capabilities to get you out of a tight spot as well as prevent strain injuries.


3. Dolly Skate Trucks

The dolly has been a mainstay in the furniture removals business for decades. The concept is very simple. Four wheels and a flat platform with no back or sides that you slide under heavy objects to move them around.

We stock variations to suit any purpose, From the budget timber platform dolly for light use to a more robust version coated with non-slip rubber as a safety measure.

The corner furniture removal dolly set consists of 4 separate corners each with a set of three castors. Each of the units fits under a corner of the item you are moving. This gives you the flexibility to move larger and heavier objects with a weight capacity of 600kg. Ideal for moving wardrobes, cabinets and many other uses – this is a versatile trolley for removals.


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Roll Cages – A useful alternative trolley for moving boxes

Although featured elsewhere, we recommend browsing over to our range of roll cages Ideal when you have household items packed into boxes and crates, roll cages give you roll-on / roll-off capability. With 4 sides to contain the contents, your boxes can be stacked in a roll cage safely and securely. Simply roll them onto the transport and then roll them off at the destination while avoiding the normal packing, stacking and unpacking. You know it makes sense!


Why choose BlueTrolley for your moving trolley?

  • Vast Experience: Our team here at BlueTrolley are acknowledged experts in the industry. With a combined experience amounting to decades, they have been at the forefront of designing, manufacturing and supplying moving and handling equipment to industrial, commercial and private buyers since 1995.
  • Dedication to Excellent Customer Service: Purchasing online is becoming increasingly popular but you still need the reassurance that the company you choose will deliver the levels of customer service you deserve. At BlueTrolley we understand that our business, as well as our customers, benefit from going the extra mile to deliver quality products backed by exceptional customer service.
  • Quality Products and Materials Sourced in the UK: We do not source and resell cheap products from Asia. Our manufacturing processes are based on UK sourced accessories and materials that boost quality, increase reliability and allow us to conform to the very latest in British Safety Standards.
  • National Presence and Rapid Deliveries. Holding and retailing stock 2 physical stores in Wales and another in England, we can provide rapid delivery anywhere in the UK and Ireland. We aim for next day despatch with free delivery on orders over £100.


Contacting BlueTrolley

If you have questions, need product advice or would like to discuss bespoke manufacturing, we invite you to give us a call on 0300 303 2549 or send us a message using live chat for an instant response during working hours. We are here to help.


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