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All of our products are manufactured here in the UK. Bulk discount available on large orders, contact our sales team for more information.
All of our products are manufactured here in the UK. Bulk discount available on large orders, contact our sales team for more information.

Roll Cages

At BlueTrolley, we stock a variety of warehouse roll cages to suit all purposes. Whether you need a jumbo security option to transport larger quantities of stock from the warehouse to the shop floor or a three-sided roll cage pallet for quick and convenient loading, we have roll cages of all types in stock and available for rapid delivery.

BlueTrolley is a leading supplier of warehouse roll cages, UK sourced and manufactured to the highest standards of safety and build quality. Trusted by some of the largest warehouses and storage depots up and down the country including Amazon, we are a premier resource for all types of lifting and handling equipment.

Established in 1995, our own range of trucks and trolleys manufactured here in Wales is recognised throughout the industry for strength and reliability. Because you are dealing with the manufacturer, when you need bespoke warehouse equipment designed and built for a special purpose, our teams are ready to take up the challenge.


How does a roll cage protect you?

There are several benefits but primarily, they offer protection from injury when moving goods. They shift the emphasis away from manual handling and onto using a safe, wheeled pallet that is enclosed with a tall 3 or 4 sided cage. By loading your goods onto a roll cage, you can transport a higher quantity of heavier items around your premises without risking muscle strain injuries.

Additionally, with all 4 sides enclosed by steel mesh attached to a sturdy infill rod, there is no danger of stock slipping and causing injury or damaging the goods in transit. The use of roll cages not only increases productivity, it also means that as a business but you are also fulfilling your legal and moral obligation to ensure the health and safety of your employees.


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Your Warehouse Roll Cage Options

Full security roll cages are sometimes known as full security roll pallets. We offer a comprehensive selection designed to suit all uses and every budget. So let's take an overview of some the key variations we stock:

1. Full Security

  • Our low-cost option: provides the quality you would expect along with exceptional value for money. The steel mesh infill for this rolling security cage is 50mm x 50mm making it suitable for transporting smaller boxes and even loose stock with no danger of items slipping through. With three sides, a hinged gate and lid plus an integral hinged shelf, these are ideal for securely transporting high-value stock. Finished with a protective coat of zinc plate, these cages will not corrode or harbour germs and bacteria.
  • Our four-sided jumbo security roll cage: is a high capacity locking metal rolling security cage that gives your warehouse safe handling capabilities for bulkier and heavier items. It is fitted with two secure doors and a lid meaning that it can be locked to provide security for high-value stock. With a load-carrying capacity of up to 500kg this product also includes a loose shelf capable of supporting 100kg. The complete cage is coated with a hygienic and hard-wearing zinc plate.


2. Heavy-Duty

This heavy-duty parcel cage is four-sided with full security and safety features. It is supplied with a hinged stable door to one short side of the cage and a fully removable gate to the opposing side. Easy loading and unloading of parcels plus the greater capacity help to boost workflow and increase productivity by moving more goods in a single journey. This cage is ideal for easy loading and unloading and features a robust braking mechanism. This heavy-duty cage is finished with a hard-wearing bright zinc plate.


3. Three-Sided

Solving the problem of roll cages taking up valuable space in the warehouse when not in use, this three-sided product can nest inside each other when the base is folded up. Built from high-quality steel with a bright zinc plate finish, this roll cage is fitted with two swivel castors for steering and two fixed 125mm castors with a secure braking mechanism. You also get a full 600kg maximum load capacity.


Alternative Warehouse Cages

If it turns out that our selection of products is not quite what you had in mind, we recommend that you visit our Parcel & Warehouse Cages category featuring warehouse cages that can be lifted with a forklift, gas bottle storage cages, stackable mesh stillages and more. And if you still can't find something that meets your needs, we offer full bespoke design and manufacturing facilities guaranteed to provide the solution to your warehousing problems.


3 Good Reasons to Choose BlueTrolley

1. Extensive Experience

With over 25 years in the industry, you can be sure that when you deal with BlueTrolley you are dealing with a specialist company with expert staff in all departments. Our work practices, manufacturing processes and customer service regime have evolved and developed to the point where we are acknowledged as industry experts. Our focus is on making our expertise available to our customers with easy access to free advice and guidance, innovative design and manufacturing input and top-quality UK products delivered promptly.


2. Quality and Reliability

Our materials and accessories are sourced right here in the UK. Our expert buyers ensure that quality is at the forefront of everything we source. Our products are designed to be robust, durable and long-lasting even in the most demanding environments. Faulty material handling equipment is a hazard so you will never find shoddy products from Asia in our catalogue. In addition to meeting or exceeding the strictest safety standards, everything we sell is subject to our own meticulous quality assurance inspection process.


3. Outstanding Customer Service

Whether you are purchasing a single warehouse item or bulk-buying a large quantity, our renowned levels of customer service are the same. No order is too big or too small; and with bespoke manufacturing always available, you will never be left without an option.

Expert advisers are always on hand to answer your questions and give product advice. And when you place your order, you can expect same or next-day despatch on in-stock items with delivery free of charge for orders over £100.

Buy with confidence. If there are ever any problems or issues, we aim to put them right straight away with a fair and equitable returns policy that protects your rights.


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