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All of our products are manufactured here in the UK. Bulk discount available on large orders, contact our sales team for more information.
All of our products are manufactured here in the UK. Bulk discount available on large orders, contact our sales team for more information.


Stillages are a vital part of warehouse and factory operations. Working as cages, they are used for separating, lifting, and storing goods of all shapes and sizes. To work effectively and keep goods safe, metal stillages need to be well-made, durable, and sturdy. Often made from metals such as steel, they maximise your storage space.

One benefit is their mesh sides, enabling your team to see exactly the contents without having to delve into it. Working primarily as cages, stillages can be customised and accessorised depending on the needs of your business. Many are also designed to be stackable and collapsible - plus, some have hatches, loading ramps, and dividers to make them even more useful.

BlueTrolley has been designing and creating the best quality manual handling products since 1995. We are entirely based in the UK, which means we can offer fantastic prices to our customers - with swift turnaround times as there’s no waiting around for overseas deliveries.


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What are the different types?


Different varieties of stillages are suitable for different jobs, workplaces, and industries. We offer a large selection to ensure there’s one for every organisation’s needs - including:

  • Metal: Metal mesh cage stillages are created with sides of either solid sheet metal or wire mesh. They are ideal for stacking up smaller or bulkier-shaped objects as they protect them from falling from the sides.
  • Gitterboxes: Gitterboxes are incredibly useful for storing heavy items and are particularly popular in the automotive industry, as well as all types of warehouses and factories. Gitterboxes are often stackable and have accessories such as drop-down gates to allow employees easy, safe access to the items inside.
  • A-Frame: These are designed for the transportation of sheet material such as metal. From the side, they look like a capital A because of their two slanted storage A-Frame stillages can be designed with a variety of features such as wheels or forklift points to enable easy manoeuvring.
  • Pallet: These are designed as large-scale trolleys or cages and are used to organise and contain all sorts of products. They are often collapsible so can be packed away when not in use - saving you precious space in your workplace.
  • Slab Buggy. Sometimes known as slab carts or slab lifters, slab buggies are ideal for transporting large, delicate materials such as granite, glass, and other types of stone. They are designed for stability and


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    Why buy from BlueTrolley?

    Industry experience

    Our expert team has been designing and manufacturing high-quality manual handling solutions since 1995. This wealth of experience means we’re well equipped to create all sorts of products for a variety of uses. We’re well-versed in all kinds of sheet metal fabrication, using a range of materials from aluminium to steel.


    Made and based in the UK

    We are proud to be entirely UK-based. We work out of our South Wales workshop with domestically sourced materials and parts. This means that we’re able to provide the best prices for our customers, without costly delays waiting for deliveries from overseas.


    Top-quality products

    You deserve to get the best equipment. We’lll work collaboratively with you to ensure you get the products most suitable for your needs. While we offer a fantastic selection of off-the-shelf solutions, we also provide a bespoke service through our sister company Rentalspec.

    Our expert team has decades of experience honing their craft. Using their expertise and the finest materials, they create incredible products again and again. Our designs and products are regularly reviewed to ensure they comply with strict quality standards and industry requirements. Nothing leaves our workshop until we are completely satisfied.


    What related products do we offer?

    We create all sorts of manual handling equipment for businesses in every sector, helping teams work effectively, safely, and efficiently.

    • Turntable Trucks. If your warehouse has narrow aisles or tight corners, you’ll understand the need for trucks that can navigate difficult spaces with ease. You can easily move goods with our range of turntable trucks, each built with anti-friction turntable steering.

    • A-Frame Glass Trolleys. Glass sheets are a tricky and delicate material to transport, and can cause severe injury if damaged in transit. Our range of A-Frame trolleys can safely transport sheets of glass using the two storage areas, which are both at an angle so the glass can rest safely.
    • Pallet Trucks. Pallets are used the world over to transport goods of all shapes and sizes. Every workspace should invest in high-quality pallet trucks to ensure they can carry goods safely and securely. We offer both electric and manual trucks to make sure there’s a type for every organisation.
    • Sack Trucks. Sacks are bulky, heavy and difficult to lift at the best of times. BlueTrolley’s range of heavy-duty sack trucks allows teams to efficiently and safely transport sacks of all sizes around the workplace. This massively decreases the possibility of accidents, injury, and strain to the body while moving sacks.


      Stillages: frequently asked questions

      What are stillages made of?

      They are most commonly made of steel - one of the most durable materials available. This steel is usually galvanised, which improves the longevity of the material.

      How big are they?

      The most common type is manufactured to suit pallet size dimensions, as many are used for transporting pallets. This is on average base dimensions of 1200mm x 800mm, but the height can vary depending on the items needed for storage and transportation.

      What are stillages used for?

      The beauty of this humble product is that it can be used for storing almost anything. They are excellent for storing goods which are bulky or uneven in shape, thanks to the mesh sides. As well as warehouses, they can also commonly be found in pubs and bars to store barrels of beer.

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