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All of our products are produced and manufactured in the UK. No shipping delays!
All of our products are produced and manufactured in the UK. No shipping delays!

Lifting & Stacking Trolleys

Are you searching for stacking trolleys or scissor lift trolleys for your factory or warehouse? Most warehouses maximise storage capacity using a system of shelves and storage racking. But what happens when stock needs to be picked and packed, loaded or unloaded from the higher shelves? A lifting trolley is a useful way of reaching those higher racks while minimising the amount of stretching, bending and ladder climbing necessary.

One of the most popular forms of lifting trolley is the scissor lift trolley featured here. BlueTrolley scissor lift tables can ease the load for your staff members, increase workflow and productivity and help you to meet your statutory and moral obligation to minimise the risk of industrial injury for your staff.

These mobile scissor trolleys can be wheeled to wherever you need them and raised to a suitable height for comfortable working. They enable you to easily move and lift heavy and awkward items. In this category, you will find cost-effective manual options as well as convenient and easy to operate electric scissor lift tables

We stock a wide variety of table sizes and load capacities for you to choose from. These stacking trolleys are made here in the UK with durability, reliability and efficiency in mind to keep your business moving forward seamlessly.

If you're not sure which scissor lift table will suit you or you can't find the perfect table, we would be happy to help. Please contact us here so we can assist you with choosing the perfect scissor lift trolley.


Your Lifting Trolley Options Explained

Whether you are searching for a small scissor lift table with a light load capacity, a heavy-duty mobile scissor lift table capable of lifting up to 1000kg, or something in-between, we have the options you need – in stock and available for FREE rapid delivery.

So let's now take a closer look at your lifting trolley options and explain the important features:


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Lighter capacity scissor trolleys

If a small electric scissor lift or smaller manually-operated hydraulic indoor scissor lift will suit your needs we have some superb options to choose from. These are perfect for lighter goods. Set them at conveyor belt height and they can be used for picking products from the production line and conveying them to your warehousing.

* Our cheapest manual option is a portable, lightweight and easy to use small scissor lift table. With its manual hydraulic operation, you can transport loads up to 150kg without the need for physical lifting. Easy to fold down and store away when not in use, the hydraulic lift is operated with a foot pedal. There are thread guards fitted to protect the wheels as well as 2 total stop brakes that lock the trolley in position.

Open the product description for more details.

* Our smallest electric scissor lift tables give you a lifting capacity of 300kg. The safe operating height of this small electric platform lift is up to 1600mm. The 12V maintenance-free battery with 700W DC power pack enables the table to reach its maximum height in just 14 – 17 seconds. Safety features include overload protection and 2 total stop brakes.

Open the product description for more details.


Medium capacity scissor trolleys

If you're searching for a scissor trolley with a load capacity between 300 and 500kg we have an extensive range of manual and electric scissor lift tables to choose from. The manual double scissor lift tables are built to give that added reach that will get you up to those higher storage racks. With electric versions also available, our medium capacity range covers many of the uses that manufacturing and warehousing facilities will put them to.


Heavy-duty scissor trolleys

If you need to support a heavier load or reach up higher, we stock some heavy-duty options that will support between 800 and 1000kg respectively.

*The double manual scissor lift table is built for weight and height. It has manual hydraulic operation by way of a foot pump and can hold up to 800kg. It can be used safely at any height up to 1500mm and is designed and developed to give a long-lasting reliable service with minimum maintenance. 

*The heaviest lifter of them all is our heavy-duty mobile scissor lift table. Designed for strength and stability when lifting loads of up to 1000kg with ease this trolley can double up as an adjustable height workbench when needed. A foot pump is used to lift the table up to its maximum height of 1010mm with a quick-release mechanism by way of a hand lever. 


Choose BlueTrolley for Lifting and Stacking Trolleys

Top Quality Products

Choosing the right materials lifting and handling equipment suppliers can be quite demanding. You need to know that the equipment you buy is safe and fit for purpose and you need reassurance that you will get long and reliable service without the need for constant maintenance.

With over 25 years in the industry, we guarantee that when you deal with BlueTrolley you are dealing with a specialist company that not only sells premium warehouse trolleys but manufactures them too.

We apply rigorous quality assurance procedures to everything we do. Our skilled design and production teams work to the very latest in British safety standards. Our materials and accessories are sourced from carefully chosen suppliers right here in the UK.

Customer Service Excellence

Buy your lifting trolley with confidence. We offer levels of customer service that are unrivalled in the industry. Our focus is on processing your order and getting your products delivered rapidly. We invite private buyers purchasing a single item or trade buyers looking to bulk purchase multiple items to experience the difference that dealing with specialists and experts can make.

Always on hand to give advice and assistance, we offer same or next day despatch on most orders and free delivery if the total order value exceeds £100. In the unlikely event that there is a problem or issue, putting things right becomes our immediate priority.


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