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All of our products are manufactured here in the UK. Bulk discount available on large orders, contact our sales team for more information.
All of our products are manufactured here in the UK. Bulk discount available on large orders, contact our sales team for more information.

Board & Sheet Material Trolleys

Whether you’re moving glass, metal, wood, stone or other materials, investing in heavy-duty board trolleys can improve the productivity and safety of your team no end.

We have a diverse collection of hard-wearing sheet trolleys, so you’re bound to find one that will suit your needs. If you’re looking for high-quality transportation for your workplace, look no further than BlueTrolley.


What are the different types of board and panel trolleys?

Different types of sheets require many types of trolleys. We stock trolleys for all shapes and sizes of boards, panels and sheet materials to help you transport loads safely and effectively. These include:

  • Balance board trolleys. These make moving boards and other sheet materials a breeze. The ingenious design means that they can stabilise themselves on even the most uneven of ground, making them a versatile and invaluable tool for your workspace.


  • Panel Trolleys. Panel (or plasterboard) trolleys are the solution to transporting bulky or otherwise difficult-to-move panels. They often have tilted bases to help the load lean against the upright supports on the back of the trolley. Some come with multiple supports so that you can separate the panels out for transit.


  • Mesh board trolleys. With a similar design to panel trolleys but with supports that have wire mesh on them. This makes these kinds of trolleys suitable for transporting bulky or oddly-shaped panels as the wire mesh offers added stabilisation.


  • Panel Dollies. These heavy-duty dollies are designed for moving items such as doors, boards or even glass. Not only are they space-saving as they are smaller than other types of sheet trolleys, but they are still just as strong and capable of transporting heavy loads. Each panel dolly comes with extra-strong puncture-proof wheels which make for smooth running on almost any surface and have anti-slip bases to stop the load from slipping during transit.
Want to know more about our board trolleys and the rest of our collection? Speak to one of our friendly team members to find out more.

Why buy from BlueTrolley?

We prioritise you: our customer. We want your requirements to not only be met, but exceeded. Many of our products are available to buy off the shelf, but we also offer a bespoke service when you need something a little different.

✓ Meeting your requirements

When you approach us with an enquiry, we will take the time to discuss with you exactly what products you need and how best we can help you. If you want bespoke products, we can design and manufacture a sample prototype for you to test out at your workplace, and then will ensure you are totally satisfied with it before we go ahead and create the final pieces.

✓ No project too big or too small

As all of our team and our materials are UK-based, we can easily scale projects up and down as required. Whether you’re looking for a one-off project or a huge amount of items, we can help you achieve your goals.

✓ Lasting quality

You need to be able to rely on your tools: we know that better than anyone. That is why we deliver quality products to each and every customer time and time again. We undertake intensive market research in order to stay abreast of the industry and anticipate our customers' needs. Our product designs are also regularly reviewed to make sure they are complying with industry regulations, as well as individual inspections and tests.

✓ UK made, UK based

We’re a UK-based company, right down to the materials we source for each product. We’ve been expertly designing and crafting only the best manual handling solutions since 1995, so you’re in safe hands when you work with us.

What other products are available from BlueTrolley?

Sheet trolleys aren’t the only things we manufacture. We offer a whole host of warehouse solutions to help you and your team work to the best of your ability. Check out our:

  • Gas Cylinder Trolleys. Gas cylinders can be incredibly heavy and hold flammable or otherwise dangerous liquids – so it’s integral they are able to be stored and transported properly. We have designed and created a whole range of gas cylinder trolleys which can carry ones of all shapes, sizes and weights.
  • Sack Trucks. Sacks are bulky and heavy and can often prove a challenge to lift and transport safely. Our range of sack trucks have been ergonomically designed, and can easily and comfortably transport sacks of all sizes.
  • Pallet Trucks. Pallet trucks are otherwise known as pump trucks and are an essential part of warehouse life. Our pallet trucks can transport pallets around your warehouse smoothly and easily. They can be supplied with various fork sizes depending on your needs.

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