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All of our products are produced and manufactured in the UK. No shipping delays!
All of our products are produced and manufactured in the UK. No shipping delays!


To put it simply, a hypacage is a freestanding metal cage that is used for the storage of all sorts of products. They go by many names such as stackable pallet cages, cage pallets or cage stillages. They were designed as an alternative to other storage solutions that involve extra materials such as plastic or timber, or shelving.

A typical hypacage consists of a base unit, which is attached to four feet in each corner and four mesh sides. Many are designed to be both stackable and collapsible to allow for maximum use of space, and to allow them to be easily transported to other locations when necessary.

At BlueTrolley we design and manufacture hypacages and other manual handling products for companies across the world. We make products for clients that go to all sorts of environments from factories to warehouses and healthcare facilities. We are proud to be based in South Wales and source all of our parts and materials from right here in the UK. We have been working in the manufacturing industry for decades, which makes us a fantastic choice for all your hypacage needs.


What are the different features of hypacages?

From the outside, these products look like simple cages but they are so much more than that - a real versatile storage solution.

  • Sizes: Depending on the size of the items you need to store in your workplace, you may need different types of heavy duty hypacages. We offer a great variety of hypacages suitable for storing all types of goods.
  • Security: There may be items in your warehouse or factory that you would like to have an extra layer of security. Hypacages can be designed to be lockable, in order to give you peace of mind that your items are safe.
  • Collapsible: Sometimes you’ll want to store your heavy duty hypacages when they’re not in use, and this is where the name ‘collapsible pallet cage’ comes in. Many are built to be collapsible, so you can save on precious space in your warehouse when you don’t need them. This is also useful for if you need to transport them empty to a new location.
  • Stackable: Make the most of your workplace with stackable pallet hypacages. They can be stacked on top of each other to save on space, and most types are stackable up to four units high depending on how many you need.


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Why buy from Blue Trolley?

We stand out from the crowd of other manufacturers. Many of them buy their raw materials from low quality suppliers overseas, but not us. We are proud to be based entirely in the UK, supporting excellent businesses and creating products in our South Wales workshop. When you buy from BlueTrolley you are buying directly from the manufacturer, so there is no middleman involved and we can offer you competitive prices.

Here at BlueTrolley we are a team of passionate experts, with years of combined experience. Our product designs are consistently reviewed to ensure they hit strict industry standards, and we also carry out quality inspections to make sure all the materials we are using conform to specifications. We also understand the importance of the end user experience, which is why we always welcome customer feedback to ensure we keep making our products better and better.


What to expect when you order from BlueTrolley

When you choose BlueTrolley for your warehouse equipment needs, you can count on a number of things.

Unbeatable quality

You and your team need equipment that you can rely on. That’s why we create our products from only the finest quality materials from right here in the UK. Our expert teams have been honing their skills since 1995, so you can be sure you’re in capable hands when you choose to work with BlueTrolley. We are experienced in many aspects of sheet metal fabrication techniques and work with all sorts of materials daily, from aluminium to steel and everything in between.

Exceptional service

We pride ourselves on our incredible customer service. We will listen to you and get to know the needs of your business, in order to recommend the best products for you. We offer an incredible range of hypacages and other products off the shelf, but if you’re looking for something a little more unique, we offer a fantastic customer service through our partner site RentalSpec.


What other equipment does Blue Trolley offer?

Hypacages aren’t the only products on offer at BlueTrolley, we have a whole range of excellent manual handling solutions that your business could benefit from.

  • Gas Cylinder Trolleys: Gas bottles are heavy and usually contain flammable substances, so it’s important they’re stored and transported safely in order to keep your team safe and the gas bottles free of damage. Our range of gas cylinder trolleys reduces the chance of accidents with the use of helpful features such as adjustable safety chains and hard-wearing wheels.
  • Heavy Duty Festival Trolleys: Have you ever had to drag bags across a muddy field? If you’ve ever been to a festival or any sort of camping holiday, you’ll understand the strain of taking your stuff from your car to the campsite. Our heavy duty festival trolleys make light work of your bags and have wheels that can cope with even the toughest of terrain.
  • Office Trolleys: Heavy lifting isn’t the first thing you’d think of when you think of an office space. However, many bulky and heavy items need to be transported across these workspaces, including furniture, computing equipment and filing cabinets. Our range of office trolleys can help you transport heavy goods safely around your office.
  • Sack Trucks: Sacks are heavy, bulky and not easy to carry by hand. Our sack trucks are specifically designed to take the strain from the user, and can safely transport sacks of all shapes and sizes. They come in many forms and we even make ones that can go up stairs, for the times when that cannot be avoided.


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