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All of our products are produced and manufactured in the UK. No shipping delays!
All of our products are produced and manufactured in the UK. No shipping delays!

Heavy Duty Trolleys

Looking for a durable trolley? You're in the right place! This is our collection of trolleys, perfect for moving heavy loads by hand and for regular use. These trolleys won't let you down - they're well-made with quality materials and workmanship. They won't fall apart like off-the-shelf retail trolleys. They're built to last in our UK factory.

Heavy duty trolleys can be built for all sorts of uses, and for items of all shapes and sizes. They can help your team load and unload items safely, as well as store and transport goods. Our range of trolleys includes pallet trucks, pipe bogeys, turntable trucks and sack trucks to name a few.

Here at BlueTrolley we are proud to design and manufacture manual handling solutions for companies all over the world. We make products for clients in all sorts of industries from retail to healthcare, factories and construction. We are based in South Wales and are proud to source all our parts from local businesses here in the UK. The expertise and longevity we have in this field make us an excellent choice for all your heavy-duty trolley needs.



What are the different features of Heavy Duty Trolleys?

Our collection covers a vast range of trolleys suitable for all sorts of jobs - but they have a number of features in common:

  •  Wheels: There’s nothing worse than getting a puncture. When you invest in heavy-duty products. The wheels of all of our trolleys are built to last, and we have a variety of options to choose from. Solid, pneumatic or puncture-proof; each type stands the test of time it just depends on the type of ground you want to use your trolley on.
  • Sizes: At your workplace, it’s likely your team is a variety of moving items daily. This means that for each particular job you might need a different type of heavy-duty trolley. Our trolleys come in a whole range of shapes and sizes to transport all sorts of goods from building supplies to pipes and beams.
  • Longevity: When you invest in products for your business, you want to know that your money is well spent. Our trolleys are built by our expert team of the finest quality materials, so you know they will stand the test of time and be worth the investment.
  • Weight-bearing: The items that need lifting and storing in your workplace are likely very heavy. Our trolleys are built to withstand even the heaviest of loads, so your team can carry more weight in fewer trips, increasing their productivity and making their work lives easier.
  • Safer: It’s important to invest in the best quality equipment for your team so that they can carry out their duties at work safely including loading, unloading, storing and transporting items. Our trolleys are manufactured to the highest of industry standards so your employees can continue their work, minimising the risk of accidents or injuries.


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Why buy from Blue Trolley?

We pride ourselves on producing only the highest quality warehouse solutions. Each product only leaves our warehouse once we are completely satisfied with it. We carry out regular tests and inspections to ensure they comply with strict regulations. We also encourage customer feedback so that we can continually improve our designs.

We have been creating excellent products since 1995, so you are in good hands when you buy heavy-duty trolleys for moving goods from us. Unlike other manufacturers who source materials from cheap suppliers overseas, we get everything from right here in the UK, and all of our products are designed and manufactured in our South Wales workshop. Being completely UK-based means that we have quick turnaround times as no long waits for international deliveries. As you’re buying directly from the manufacturer, it also means we can offer a great price to our customers.


What to expect when you order from BlueTrolley

We’re not like other manufacturing companies: we care about you.

Exceeding your expectations

We believe you deserve the best for your money, and your team deserves excellent products that help them do their jobs safely and efficiently. Once you get in touch with us, we will take the time to understand you and your business needs. We can then use our expert knowledge in order to recommend you the most suitable products. We are proud to offer a huge range of products off the shelf, but if you’re looking for something a little more unique we also offer a boutique custom service through our partner company Rentalspec.

Incredible quality every time

Our expert team takes meticulous care and attention when designing and creating our products. We have been honing our skills since way back in 1995, so you could say that we know what we are doing. We are trained in all manners of sheet metal fabrication and many types of metal from aluminium to steel and everything in between. We take care to source only the best quality materials for our products, so you will be sure that everyone you receive is of incredible quality.


What other equipment does Blue Trolley offer?

We have a wide variety of products suitable for different uses. Take a look at some of the other products we have available:

  • Office Trolleys: We know people don’t associate office life with lifting things. In fact, there are many big and bulky items that need moving around in office spaces such as computing equipment and furniture. Our range of office trolleys makes light work of this heavy lifting.
  • Gas Cylinder Trolleys: Gas bottles can prove difficult to lift. As they contain dangerous and often flammable substances, it’s vital they are transported safely and with care. Our selection of gas cylinder trolleys is perfect for this and feature safety chains to minimise the risk of damage during transit, or accident


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