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All of our products are produced and manufactured in the UK. No shipping delays!
All of our products are produced and manufactured in the UK. No shipping delays!

Pallet Trucks

As a leading hand pallet truck supplier, we understand that warehouse and factory operations rely on the ability to move goods and materials around the premises smoothly and safely. This is where our range of pallet trucks provides the ideal lifting and handling solution. With high lift pallet trucks, extra-long pallet trucks and heavy-duty hand pallet trucks able to lift up to 5000kg available, we supply ultra-safe pallet trucks for any use.

Protecting employees from the danger of injury caused by heavy lifting is crucial. The first thought is to turn to a forklift. But not only can that be costly, in some tighter spaces it might also prove to be impractical.

The range of robust and reliable hand pallet trucks and electric pallet trucks we offer has been designed and built to keep a busy warehouse or factory running at full speed without a forklift truck.

Scroll down below the products to learn more about our pallet truck options as well as read about the safety precautions and checks in place to make sure you receive first-class equipment.


A pallet truck to suit every purpose

So let's now summarise some of the key pallet truck options available from BlueTrolley. More detailed descriptions and specifications are available when you click on the individual trolley you are interested in.

  • Extra Long Pallet Trucks: Whether you need to move long items around your warehouse or increase efficiency and productivity by transporting multiple pallets in a single journey, our extra-long pallet trucks are more than up to the task.
  • High Lift Pallet Trucks: A High Lift Pallet Truck is not only useful for transporting pallets, you get the added function of being able to raise the pallet to a suitable height. This makes them ideal for loading products straight from the conveyor belt to the pallet and also adjusting to shelve height for picking and packing without bending and stretching
  • Heavy Duty Pallet Trucks: These heavy-duty hand pallet trucks range from a 2500kg pallet truck right up to our strongest option which can support a maximum load of 5000kg. Robustly constructed to lift and move heavier loads, these pallet trucks are built to meet and exceed the latest safety regulations related to heavy lifting. They can be used without needing an operator licence.
  • The Galvanised Pallet Truck: When you need a pallet truck that will remain corrosion-free in cold or damp conditions these hot-dip galvanised pallet trucks are the ideal solution. Particularly useful for food factories producing dairy, meat or seafood products where sterile conditions are essential. Our galvanised truck can carry up to 2500kg and has a light height of 85 – 200mm.
  • Printers Pallet Trucks: The print industry utilises Euro and half Euro size pallets. Paper is a heavy material which means that you need a decent lifting capacity combined with the flexibility of being able to transport different sized pallets. Our printer's pallet trucks feature a 2500kg capacity, fingertip control and robust sealed bearing wheels.

Dealing directly with a pallet truck supplier like BlueTrolley means that if you need a hand pallet trolley for a specific purpose not covered here, you can contact a member of our team and arrange to have a bespoke truck designed and built to meet your needs.


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Examples of alternative specialist trucks and trolleys

  • A-Frame Glass Trolleys: If you need to transport glass, the safety implications require a special design that keeps glass sheets firmly and safely in place. Check out our superb range of high-performance A-frame glass trolleys built specifically for this purpose.
  • Turntable Platform Trucks: These turnable platform trucks feature turntable steering that allows you to manoeuvre heavy loads in tight spaces. With options for size, load capacity and wheels, they are ideal for builders merchants and food warehouses and smaller storage facilities

Our turntable platform truck is perfect for turntable steering. Its heavy-duty wheels make this trolley a popular choice for safely and efficiently moving large, heavy or bulky items such as building materials, tools and equipment, boxes and items.

Can't find what you are looking for? Call us today on 0300 303 2549 to discuss bespoke pallet truck design and build.


What to expect from BlueTrolley

1. Pallet Trucks – Safety First Every Time

Supplying you with a top-quality product built to exacting safety standards is our main priority. All of our safety procedures are directed toward upholding and conforming to the latest industry standards. We regularly review product conformity to ensure that materials and construction not only meet but in many cases exceed the standards that apply to every individual product.

With materials and components locally sourced within the UK, and regular quality assurance checks plus pre-delivery checks on every item, we pull out all of the stops to make sure that our pallet trucks and trolleys arrive fit for purpose and ready to go to work.

As an added safety measure we stock the versatile pallet truck chock to lock your pallet trucks firmly in place. 


2. Exceptional Customer Service

As an experienced pallet truck supplier with around 3 decades of industry experience, we are proud of our reputation for putting our customers front and centre when it comes to customer service. We take the time to find out what you need and give you that essential advice and guidance that produces product choices and recommendations that are an exact match for your needs.

Our products are sourced here in the UK which means that we deliver them to your door with none of the usual delays. And when you spend £100 or more, delivery is free of charge.


3. Advice and Assistance

We understand that with a plethora of options it is not always easy to identify the hand pallet truck that will suit your needs. We have expert advisors standing by ready to answer your questions and solve your lifting and handling problems. And when only a made to order product will do the job, we have the network in place to have one built to your requirements.


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