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All of our products are manufactured here in the UK. Bulk discount available on large orders, contact our sales team for more information.
All of our products are manufactured here in the UK. Bulk discount available on large orders, contact our sales team for more information.

Cast Iron & Metal Castor Wheels

When you develop problems with your castors it's not always necessary to change the whole assembly. In many cases, our selection of metal castors will prove an easy and inexpensive fix when your trolley, truck or cage takes on a life of its own and heads off in the wrong direction. If your existing wheels are metal and you need a like-for-like replacement, you are sure to find something suitable here.

We have heard from several customers who have come to us after being let down by cheap products that haven't stood the test of time. With Bluetrolley, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a reputable company with a long track history in the business. As well as off-the-shelf spares like castor wheels, we manufacture our own range of stock moving and handling equipment.

Our trolleys, trucks and cages are renowned for build-quality and for giving years of trouble-free service. Everything we produce and sell has its origins in the UK. Increasing our profits at your expense by sourcing cheap mass-produced products from Asia is not something that aligns with our focus on supplying quality products backed by excellent customer service.


Metal Castor Wheels – Your Options

Iron castor wheels 

Iron has been one of the main choices in manufacturing for decades. Iron has a high load-bearing capacity and copes well with extremes of heat and cold. Resistant to any sort of damage, the main reason that iron castors eventually produce running problems is down to worn bearings. Rather than the complicated job of bearing replacement, by far the cheapest and easiest option is to go for a replacement wheel.

Cast iron castors are normally used for goods and material handling equipment designed for heavy-duty use. We offer replacement cast iron wheels in 5 different sizes with weight load capacities going from 450kg right up to 1500kg. Each replacement wheel is supplied with either a 20mm or 25mm ball bearing and wheel diameter choices between 100mm and 250mm. The product pages all feature a useful table that details all of the available options

Metal is fantastic for equipment used outside but you should bear in mind that if you use them inside, to avoid damaging floors you might need to go for cast iron castors fitted with polyurethane or rubber tyres to soften the impact.

Steel Castor Wheels

When used for typical industrial applications, steel is a material suitable for medium load-bearing as well as providing long-lasting performance. Steel is used for the centre of the wheel and because it is coated and resistant to corrosion it is suitable for outside use.

This product is fitted with a black solid rubber tyre and a steel centre. With a solid rubber tyre, they are kinder to your flooring and there is no danger of suffering a puncture

They come in sizes between 80mm and 200mm with the capability of supporting up to 205kg maximum load. You get a choice of wheel diameters and widths meaning that you are certain to be able to find something to fit your equipment. The product page has a table that will help you to choose the right specifications.

Aluminium Castor Wheels

These are a fantastic lightweight alternative if you are looking for metal castors. Light and strong, you are looking at a load-bearing capacity of up to around 450kg depending on which model you choose. Once again, these use tyres to soften the impact on your floors and you have a choice of solid rubber and polypropylene.

We have a few variations of these in stock in a range of diameters and widths; so have a good browse around to make sure your choice is the ideal replacement for your individual needs.

Alternative Materials

If you feel that plastic or nylon wheels might make a better and more suitable replacement for your equipment, there is nothing wrong with switching to them. You need to carefully measure your existing wheels or look out for a size stamped on them - making sure that they are a good size match means that you avoid creating a safety hazard.

Read more detailed information on choosing a safe castor


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What to Expect from Bluetrolley

Decades of Industry Expertise

Since starting out in 1995 we have carved out an unrivalled reputation in the industry. By choosing us, you are trusting in the expertise of teams of craftsmen with the fabrication and production experience to turn out only the finest quality products. With quality assurance inspections a priority, our trucks, trolleys and cages are ready to go to work and provide years of reliable service.

Bespoke Manufacturing

Our catalogue features only the finest quality British-made metal solutions and if you can't find something that matches your original, we pride ourselves on our ability as manufacturers, to come up with a bespoke product to meet your needs. 

We work with clients from across all sectors to provide solutions for warehouses, factories, medical and health facilities and many others. Wherever there is a need for material and stock handling and moving, our premium products are crafted here in Wales to provide the perfect solution.

Customer Service Excellence

We understand that our reputation stands or falls on the levels of customer service we provide. Approachable, flexible and with our customers front and centre, we go the extra mile to give you a great customer experience.

With a huge range of off-the-shelf products and spares, we aim to deliver your order rapidly and in the case of orders totalling over £100 – free of charge. And even when we need to manufacture something bespoke, your waiting times are cut right back by our UK-only sourcing policy.

Making the right choices can be confusing. For expert advice and assistance call our advice hotline on 0300 303 2549.


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