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All of our products are produced and manufactured in the UK. No shipping delays!
All of our products are produced and manufactured in the UK. No shipping delays!

Nylon & Plastic Castor Wheels

If you use trucks, trolleys and cages in an industrial warehousing environment, they do work hard for you. At some point, you could start to get issues with nylon and plastic castor wheels. As they become worn out they start to bump and rattle and even veer off in unexpected directions.

An unruly truck with faulty castors can present a safety hazard so the issue must be taken care of at the earliest possible opportunity. Luckily, the problem is usually caused by the wheel or its bearings; meaning that a simple replacement puts things back on track without needing to replace the whole assembly.

Our comprehensive selection of nylon, plastic and polypropylene castor wheels is an inexpensive option for solving issues caused by being worn out. With the widest range of sizes and specifications, the chances are that we have like-for-like products in stock and are available for rapid despatch.

Dealing with a main stockist and manufacturer means that not only do you get some of the best prices available anywhere online, but you could also benefit from our ability to manufacture bespoke items to cover unusual, discontinued or hard-to-source products to match your existing equipment.



Made in the United Kingdom

All of our products are sourced and manufactured in the UK and assembled here at our workshop in  Wales. Only the finest quality British-made products find their way into our catalogue which means that life-span and build quality are far superior to the shoddy Asian versions you might find on eBay. And you won’t need to wait for an age for delivery either.


All-purpose plastic castors

Here at BlueTrolley, we are renowned for our industrial and warehousing stock-handling equipment. Our trolleys, cages and trucks are premium products that can be found on commercial premises up and down the country.

Our extensive range of nylon roller wheels is not confined to industrial use. They are suitable for just about anything that is fitted with castor wheels. From office chairs and furniture to kitchen appliances and right through to essential medical and cleaning equipment, we are certain we can provide a suitable replacement.

There is no longer a reason to have your workflow interrupted for ages by a simple issue that is quick and easy to resolve.


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Your options explained

On this page, we are covering your choices for our plastic castors and closely related variations. So let's take a closer look at what is available here and highlight some important points that might influence your choice:


Nylon castor wheels

When you need a solution that has fantastic load-bearing properties and can stand a lot of use without wearing out, this material is a top choice. A strong and stiff engineered plastic, nylon is a lighter material that retains many of the characteristics that make metal options so versatile.

Our standard version is a white nylon wheel that comes in 6 different sizes. With diameters between 75mm for small options and 200mm for the largest, plus tread widths between 25 and 50mm, these can support between 170kg and 600kg load limit.

Consult with the table on the product page where all of the specifications are listed to help you select an exact replacement for your old wheels. We also have options that feature either ball bearings or roller bearings are available.


Castor wheels with nylon tyre and black glass-filled nylon centre

These take you up to the heavy-duty nylon wheels category designed to take much heavier loads of up to 1200kg. With this option, you can expect them to cope easily with sustained industrial use and heavy load-carrying.

There are three options for diameter and width. These run on ball bearings that are better at coping with heavy loads than roller bearings. Please be aware that the hub length is 60mm and the bore 12mm on all variations so you will need to check that this matches your existing requirements.


White polypropylene wheel

Polypropylene is a type of thermoplastic polymer resin. If your equipment is regularly exposed to damp conditions these polypropylene wheels will not corrode and will resist damage as a result of normal use. This range is designed for lighter use with a maximum safe load of between 70kg and 125kg. They come in 4 different sizes ranging between 75mm and 125mm in diameter and between 25mm and 35mm in width.

Choosing the right replacement is not straightforward but we have written a blog post to give pointers on how to choose a safe castor to help you get it right.


Choose BlueTrolley for Your Material Handling Solutions Requirements

It makes sense to buy your material handling equipment from a specialist company supplying UK-sourced materials engineered in our workshop to become best-in-class stock handling trolleys and trucks.

Established in 1995 and with more than 2 decades of successful manufacturing and trading behind us, we have built a reputation for high standards and unrivalled customer service. Dealing directly with the manufacturer means that we welcome requests for bespoke products made to measure to your exact specifications.

If you need anything from replacement products through to heavy-duty stock handling trolleys, sack trucks and anything in between, BlueTrolley is the logical choice. Experience the difference it makes when you deal with the experts.

For the spares to take care of your repairs and a stunning range of new equipment, Call Our Sales Hotline Today and let us know what you need and how we can help you.


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