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Stair Climbing Sack Truck

The stair climbing sack truck really does describe itself! Fitted with castors that are especially designed for moving items up and down stairs. The folding toe plate enables economic use of storage and also lends itself to being kept on a delivery wagon for use at the point of delivery where alighting stairs is likely. This stair climbing sack truck is designed for durability and balanced load support. Ideal for delivery companies, appliance companies, removal companies and much more.

Product Features:
  • Overall dimensions (mm): 1100h x 460w
  • Depth of sack truck (mm): 350 folded, 640 unfolded
  • Toe plate dimensions (mm): 320 x 260
  • Fitted with two stair climbing castors made up of six 140mm rubber wheels
  • Folding toe plate which can be secured with a clip when not in use
  • Fitted with a large looped handle for maximum control
  • Fully-welded and reliable construction
  • A professional, powder-coated blue finish