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All of our products are produced and manufactured in the UK. No shipping delays!
All of our products are produced and manufactured in the UK. No shipping delays!

Welding Trolleys

If you’re looking for welding trolleys that are durable and useful, you’ve come to the right place. These trolleys are a vital piece of kit found in workplaces across the world, so investing in high quality trolleys like those at Bluetrolley could be the next fantastic decision you make for your business.

Welders everywhere will know how important it is to be able to move their equipment across workshops and warehouses. This can include heavy machines and gas bottles containing dangerous substances, so it’s integral that these are able to be transported safely and efficiently. Welding trolleys need to be strong, stable and easy to move. We always have the end user in mind when creating our products, so our trolleys are meticulously designed to be comfortable to use right down to the ergonomic hand grips.

At Bluetrolley, we have been designing and manufacturing manual handling equipment since 1995. We pride ourselves on our skills and our staff receive extensive training in order to create the high-quality, long-lasting products that you need in your workplace. More than this, we are completely UK based and so that means we can get your products to you quickly, with minimal delays.


What are the benefits of heavy-duty welding trolleys?

Using an effective trolley in your workplace can have a positive impact on your team’s productivity and safety, amongst many other benefits.

  • Safely transport goods and equipment: Welding equipment is incredibly heavy, so it’s important your team is able to safely transport it through their workspace. Having a trolley to move your welding machine or machines saves time, effort and potential injury for your team members.
  • Can also be used for storage: Gas bottles are an important tool within the welding industry, so in addition to transporting them safely they also need to be stored effectively. Our range of gas bottle storage cages can hold multiple bottles safely thanks to the strong mesh caged sides, and can even be padlocked to secure the unit from unauthorised access.
  • Customisable: Our collection comes in a range of different shapes and sizes, and can hold a variety of load weights. This means that you can get the right trolley for your specific needs, to help you carry your welding equipment safely and easily.
  • Easy to manoeuvre: They have strong, durable wheels which means your team can rely on them to move goods and equipment with ease. They are even capable of transporting across different surfaces, so if you need to get your goods from the warehouse to the car park into a lorry: that’s no problem for a heavy-duty welding trolley.



Why Bluetrolley? What sets us apart from other manufacturers

Our expert team have vast experience manufacturing manual handling equipment and warehouse solutions for years - since 1995 in fact. These incredibly valuable years of experience have enhanced our team’s knowledge and skills and means we can help you get the right products for you, that will last a lifetime.

Our number one priority has always been ensuring that our customers get the best and most suitable products for their needs. This is why we will always take time to discuss your requirements so that we can recommend the right options. When making bespoke products, we will visit you on site with prototypes for you to test out before committing to creating the final pieces.

In addition to this, we regularly conduct extensive market research so that we can understand our customers and industries to be able to produce the best quality handling solutions. We diligently review each of our designs to make sure they comply with relevant industry standards, on top of carrying out regular tests and inspections.



What kind of service can you expect from Bluetrolley?

You now know what kind of welding trolleys we offer here at Bluetrolley - but what else can you expect from us? We have a fantastic range of manual handling equipment available off the shelf, but we know every business has unique needs which is why we also offer a bespoke service.


Exactly to your requirements

We will take the time to discuss with you in detail your requirements from us, and then use our expertise to recommend to you the solutions we think are most suitable. We can then design and create a prototype model which you can test out in your workspace, letting us know of any final adjustments we may need to make. Only once you give us the go ahead and are completely satisfied will we manufacture the final product or products.


Order as many or as little as you need

Depending on the size of your business and workspace, you may need just a few or a big amount of products from us. Our high-quality bespoke products can be created singularly or replicated in large quantities: you just tell us what you need. When you order from us, you’re working directly with the manufacturer so there’s open communication and the best value for your hard-earned money.



What other products do you manufacture?

We offer a whole variety of products here at Bluetrolley to help your team work safely and efficiently.

  • Warehouse Trolleys: Warehouse trolleys are specifically designed to undertake the heavy lifting and transporting that goes on every day in warehouses. Our range of trolleys are high quality, can withstand even the heaviest of loads and are built to stand the test of time. Our warehouse trolleys are already used by some of the UK’s biggest online retailers - and you could join them.
  • Heavy Duty Festival Trolleys: If you’ve ever been to a festival or on a camping trip, you’ll understand the stress of moving your bags from your car to your campsite. Our festival trolleys make light work of these loads and are specifically designed to withstand the rough terrain you may encounter, from hard ground to soggy mud.
  • Office Trolleys: When thinking of offices, you don’t always think of heavy lifting. In fact, many things need to be transported across offices from files to computing equipment or even food. Move bulky items around your office with ease with our range of office trolleys.


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