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All of our products are manufactured here in the UK. Bulk discount available on large orders, contact our sales team for more information.
All of our products are manufactured here in the UK. Bulk discount available on large orders, contact our sales team for more information.

Welding Trolleys

Gas bottles can be found in all sorts of workplaces, from hospitals to laboratories and even welding plants. Whether your staff are transporting medical oxygen bottles or LPG cylinders, they need to be able to do it safely and efficiently. Invest in the safety of your team with industrial gas cylinder trolleys from BlueTrolley.

An effective gas cylinder trolley needs to do a number of things. It needs to keep the cylinders in a vertical position, and they need to be safely restrained so that they do not fall over in transit. They absolutely cannot be dropped or dragged. Our variety of trolleys can carry gas bottles safely and securely, making work easier and safer for your team


What are the benefits of gas cylinder trolleys?

Investing in heavy duty gas bottle trolleys can help your workplace become safer and more efficient, among a number of other benefits.


✓ Improved safety. Gas bottles are incredibly heavy, can be difficult to move, and are usually full of flammable or otherwise dangerous materia l– anything from medical oxygen or propane. Well-made gas bottle trolleys allow your staff to easily move gas bottles around the workplace, reducing the chance of an accident or work-related injury.
✓ Durable. When you work with manual handling equipment, you want to be sure it’s high quality and long-lasting. Our gas bottle trolleys and all other products are created with only the best materials and constructed by our expert team. When you invest in products from us, you know they are going to stand the test of time.
✓ Compact. When not in use, many of our trolleys can be reduced down to a small and compact size, making them easy to store and save your valuable space in your workspace.
✓ Adjustable. In your workplace, you may be moving around gas bottles of all shapes and sizes. Our trolleys are adjustable and so can safely transport bottles of all shapes, sizes and weights safely – meaning you can use one tool for a whole host of jobs. We even have bottle trolleys that can take twin bottles if you want to double up and transport two at a time.


Why buy from BlueTrolley?

We are incredibly proud of our expert team, who have been gas bottle trolley manufacturers since 1995. These decades of experience are so valuable and mean that every single product that comes out of our workshop is made with the utmost care and attention.


  • We always put the customer first.

We take time and care to discuss your requirements so we can ensure we offer only the best and most suitable products for your workplace. We also offer bespoke products through our sister company RentalSpec, where we create prototypes for you to test out before manufacturing the final product.


  • We are entirely based in the UK.

That means you can be involved in the process from beginning to end. All of our parts and materials are made here, so there’s no long wait for deliveries from abroad. When you buy from Bluetrolley, you’re buying directly from the manufacturer so there’s no middle man hiking up the prices.



What other products are available from BlueTrolley?

Heavy-duty gas cylinder trolleys aren’t the only products we sell at BlueTrolley. Take a look at these related products:


  • A-Frame Glass Trolleys. Glass sheets are some of the most delicate materials that need transporting around warehouse environments. A-frame glass trolleys allow you to safely transport these sheets with ease, and many of our trolleys can also be easily maneuvered onto forklift trucks.


  • Pallet Trucks. Pallets can be found everywhere from warehouses to factory floors. They carry all manner of goods and materials so it’s vital that they can be moved around easily. BlueTrolley’s pallet trucks can carry extremely heavy loads and are available in manual and electric versions depending on your needs.


  • Turntable Trucks. Navigate tight corners and narrow spaces with ease with a platform turntable truck. Our turntable trucks can carry heavy loads and are suitable to use across all types of terrain including uneven ground, grass and gravel.


  • Sack Trucks. Sacks are bulky, heavy and often oddly shaped. This can make them difficult to transport around workplaces. Our range of sack trucks are all fully welded, durable and can be operated easily by one user at a time. This makes them a real time-saver in addition to making your team’s lives easier and safer.

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