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All of our products are produced and manufactured in the UK. No shipping delays!
All of our products are produced and manufactured in the UK. No shipping delays!

Pipe and Drum Trolleys

Handling cylindrical items such as drums, barrels and pipes comes with its own set of unique challenges and requires the right trolleys for the job. Although they look sturdy, they are just as prone to damage as other types of containers and so need to be treated with care. This is where specifically designed oil drum trolleys come in.

Trolleys designed to carry objects like pipes and barrels are designed to sit at an angle whilst in transportation. This is with the aim to alleviate the possibility of the goods rolling off to one side. Many of our drum trolleys come with fitted hooks to help keep the goods in place while the trolley is moving. We create trolleys for a whole variety of industries.

BlueTrolley designs and manufactures goods for some of the biggest retailers in the world. We are equally happy to supply products to businesses of small sizes as we relish the daily challenges of varied projects. Our decades of experience allows us to provide only the best quality products to our customers. We have been working in this industry since 1995 and the decades of experience behind us make us the ideal candidate for your next warehouse solution project.


What are the different benefits of drum trolleys?

If you routinely transport drums and pipes in your workplace, you’ll know the importance of moving them effectively to reduce the chance of spills, leaks and other accidents. Transportation increases the likelihood of this happening so investing in good quality drum trolleys is absolutely essential.

  •  Mobile / Space Saving: Drums are difficult and heavy to lift. Being able to easily transport them through different parts of your workplace means you can store them safely and neatly. Our drum trolleys can be moved around with ease thanks to their durable wheels, large ergonomically designed handles and welded construction.
  • Durable: You want to be able to trust your equipment. Investing in great quality oil barrel trolleys such as the ones offered at BlueTrolley means you can have confidence in your equipment. You’ll save money in the long run as they’ll last for years.
  • Safe: As an employer, the safety of your employees will be a top priority. Investing in high-quality barrel trolleys allows your team to safely and efficiently transport drums and cylinders around the workplace with ease, reducing the risk of workplace injuries and increasing productivity.
  • Different sizes, shapes and accessories: Whether you’re looking to transport 200, 205 or litre oil drums, there are trolleys that can do the job for you. BlueTrolley varieties are so versatile that you can carry other cylindrical items such as rolls of carpet and plastic or metal pipes. Many trolleys can come with extra accessories such as hooks and spillage drip trays to minimise mess.


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Why buy from Blue Trolley?

 Our team is dedicated to creating incredible manual handling products that are useful, long-lasting and affordable. We have been creating these products since 1995, so it’s safe to say that you’re in good hands with BlueTrolley.

 We’re completely UK-based right down to the parts and materials we source to our South Wales workshop. This means that there are no long waits for overseas deliveries, and no hiked up prices by middlemen. This means we can offer you fantastic prices for great products with swift turnaround times.


What to expect when you order from BlueTrolley

 We’re not just passionate about great quality products, we’re passionate about providing a best in class service to each and every one of our customers. We want you to come away with incredible products, having had a smooth and easy customer experience.

Unbeatable quality

Our expert team is committed to creating only the best products using the highest quality materials. Our designs are routinely reviewed to ensure they comply with strict industry standards. We also carry out regular testing to make sure our product conforms to specifications.

Exceeding your expectations

You deserve to get the best for your money and your team deserves the safety and security of incredible, durable warehouse solutions. When you get in touch with our team, we will take the time to find out about your business needs in order to recommend to you the most suitable products. We offer a vast selection of products off the shelf, but if necessary we also offer a unique bespoke service through our partner site Rentalspec if you’re looking for something a little different.


What other equipment does BlueTrolley offer?

 Drum and barrel trolleys aren’t the only form of manual handling equipment BlueTrolley creates. We offer a whole range of trucks, trolleys and accessories to make your workspace safer and more productive.

  • A-Frame Glass TrolleysGlass sheets are a difficult material to manoeuvre, if they break in transit they can cause considerable damage. A-frame trolleys are specifically designed to share the sheets equally across two storage areas, which are both at an angle so they can rest securely while being moved.
  • Sack TrucksSacks are heavy, bulky and a challenge to move. BlueTrolley’s collection of heavy-duty sack trucks allows teams to efficiently and safely transport sacks of all shapes and sizes around their workspace. This massively reduces the possibility of strain on the body from attempting to move manually.
  • Gas Cylinder TrolleysGas bottles are heavy and often contain dangerous and flammable substances. Gas cylinder trolleys are vital for the safe transportation of these objects, and some can even transport two at a time improving efficiency. BlueTrolley’s range of gas cylinder trolleys is designed with ergonomic handles and durable wheels to make for a smooth journey.
  • Pallet TrucksPallets are a staple of warehouses, factories and many other places for storing and delivering goods. Every workspace should have high-quality pallet trucks to help carry these goods safely and securely. BlueTrolley offers a variety of pallet trucks both manual electric, to ensure there’s one suitable for every business.


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