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All of our products are manufactured here in the UK. Bulk discount available on large orders, contact our sales team for more information.
All of our products are manufactured here in the UK. Bulk discount available on large orders, contact our sales team for more information.
Benefits of bespoke handling and storage

Benefits of bespoke handling and storage

Handling and storage equipment - such as trolleys, cages and stillages - come in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, when you have a particular requirement it can be hard to find a variation or size that ideally suits your needs. This can often lead to the buyer reluctantly purchasing a storage or handling solution that’s not quite fit for purpose, which can result in damaged products, a damaged warehouse, and injured employees. 

We’re going to take a look at why bespoke equipment could be the perfect solution for your logistical requirements. 


Having your equipment designed specifically for your needs means that you have an input on the type of material that’s used. Or, even better, the designer will be able to tell you which material would be best. This means that you are sure to have a piece of equipment that will have a long life expectancy that is 100% fit for purpose. 


As we’ve already mentioned, trying to find equipment to match your exact requirements can be tricky. Often warehouse professionals will end up using the same piece of equipment for a variety of needs, when the equipment itself is meant for one specific purpose; storing or moving a particular size or weight. If you design equipment that is solely based on the project at hand, you won’t have to worry about your products being too big, too small or too heavy. Everything should be seamless. 


Using equipment that’s fit for purpose will, first and foremost, be safe. It wouldn’t be unusual to expect a product that’s too big for a trolley to be a potential hazard to those using it! But when you use equipment that’s been designed for a specific weight or size limit, health and safety procedures can be followed and the likelihood of injury is reduced. 


You can rest assured that having creating bespoke equipment - especially here at BlueTrolley - means you’ll be getting a top quality product. Not only is it likely to last longer for this very reason, but it will also be more reliable, sturdy and durable. 

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