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All of our products are produced and manufactured in the UK. No shipping delays!
All of our products are produced and manufactured in the UK. No shipping delays!

Warehouse Picking Trolley With Steps


This warehouse picking trolley with steps is designed to help all picking and packing environments. It has four non slip steps to help operators reach higher areas safely. 

The trolley is fitted with two handrails to assist the users to safely climb the steps and one at the top of the stairs to prevent falls. To secure the trolley into place, simply stand on the spring-loaded steps. Once weight is applied to the steps, the rubber feet will be secured onto the ground to prevent the trolley from moving. 

The large basket is manufactured using mesh sides to prevent items from falling and to also allow the user full view of the contents inside. Below the large basket is a shelf, manufactured using sheet metal for added storage. 

This product is fitted with four black rubber swivel castors. These are the ideal castors for use on hard warehouse surfaces and will allow the user to push the trolley around the warehouse with ease.

With an additional looped handle to the rear of the packing basket, this will allow the user to push the warehouse picking trolley with ease if the stairs are not in use. This handle is also ideal if there are narrow aisles preventing the ability to turn the trolley around.

This trolley would be ideal for use in warehouses, retail, storerooms, libraries and any other picking and packing environments. 

Product Features:

  • Overall length (mm): 1670
  • Overall height (mm): 1650
  • Width (mm): 440
  • Payload length (mm): 970
  • Safe working height (mm): 2500
  • Loading capacity: 20kg
  • Large mesh basket and storage shelf
  • Fitted with a spring-loaded step and rail
  • Four black rubber swivel castors
  • Blue powdercoated finish